The benchmark for control within First Person Shooter (FPS) games just got a whole lot better!

The ultimate weapon for the single player and online gamer.

Increase speed, Improve reflex time. Programmable commands at your fingertips delivering fast, accurate game control.

Forget your old keyboard gaming woes, it's time to feel the Claw's ergonomic shape and utilise the benefits of its advanced game control software.

The Claw™ is designed to be used, in conjunction with a mouse, to provide the ultimate controller set-up for 3D action games.

With the Claw™ you will be able to perform manoeuvres that are difficult, if not impossible, with a keyboard. With 10 fully programmable buttons at your fingertips, you will be able to perform perfectly timed manoeuvres and commands with ease. A light press of a button will be all that's required to unleash a world of pain on your enemies.

The Claw™ makes long hours of gaming a very comfortable experience, supporting your left hand in a relaxed position. You will push your keyboard aside and use the Claw™ to dominate in all your 3D action games.


10 March 2011

Firstly I would like to thank all of you that have purchased a Claw over the years. We have sold tens of thousands of units all over the world but production has finally ceased.

Thanks again to the many thousands of customers that have supported the Claw over the years. From the launch of the Claw back in October 2000 we have enjoyed supporting the gaming and other industries with the Claw.